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Our website is designed to help you get to know us and what you can expect from our services.   We offer a variety of services including the following:


          ♦ Individual Counseling                       Group Therapy

          ♦ Family Therapy                                 Couples Counseling

          ♦ Educational Assessment                  Mental Health Assessment

          ♦ Consultation                                     Academic Tutoring Services

          ♦ Other Adjunctive Services                Educational Specialist Services

I am pleased that you are interested in coming to me for counseling for yourself, child, or family. Counseling is a very personal shared interaction and should not be entered into lightly. The following information is designed to help you know me and what you can expect from the counseling.

Our Counseling Approach

We work from a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective and believe that not only behaviors but thoughts and feelings need to be examined in therapy.  When working with young children, we lean toward behavior modification techniques.  With other clients, we examine the thinking behind the behavior as well.

All our therapists will also ask that you do specific activities and/or read specific books that will help to speed up the time it takes for you and/or your family to work out your concerns and problems.  In order to change behaviors which lead to healthy outcomes and consequences, you will need to understand your experiences, your learning style and the knowledge you have gained.

Specific areas of focus include, but are not limited to the following:

  ADD and/or ADHD

  Coping Strategies for Learning Disorders

  Aggression and Anger Management

  Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues


  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

  Adjustment Disorders

  Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse



  Reactive Attachment Disorder

  Tourette's Syndrome

  Grief and Loss

  Anxiety and Panic Disorders

  Addictive Disorders

  Developmental Disorders (e.g. Autism, Aspergers, etc.)